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Encumbrance in OD&D: The Isle of Ys Campaign


Encumbrance is an oft discussed topic for reform in the OSR and there have been numerous house rulings and proposed systems. I prefer the simplicity of a Strength-based system like the one Lamentations of the Flame Princess or Stars Without Numbers uses. But, I also like the idea of using a container-based system. The encumbrance system outlined below is one I’m planning to use for my...

Dungeon Royale


At GenCon, we had an opportunity to have Zak S run a game for us drunken heathens. There were seven of us, so instead of Demon City, he ran this dungeon game where we all played 1st level D&D characters on two separate teams attempting to kill each other in a battle royale inside this dungeon of geomorphs that he drew as we went.

The Eldritch Isles: Kazaribet’s Box


his is a short adventure I wrote for the 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons open table game I ran for a while at the local game event every other Sunday. I call it Kazaribet’s Box. I stole the map from a Google image search for “pirate cove” — my apologies to the original cartographer. Monsters are all taken from the Monster Manual or Adversaries & Allies. The Eldritch Isles are plainly...

GenCon Packing List


Next week I am embark on the two-hour drive northward to the great city of Indianapolis for GenCon 2018. I’m putting together my packing list, so I figured I’d post my GenCon Packing List here for all to peruse. Living Essentials I’ll bring a small gym bag with the following items: Clothing for 5 days: five sets of underwear, socks, and t-shirts; two pairs of jeans; a button-up...

Alternate Method for New Magician Spells


In Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea (and other old school games of its ilk) a Magician (nee Magic-User) gains one spell automatically when they increase in level. They may learn other other spells, of course, but those must be obtained from plundered spellbooks and scrolls. I propose a slightly alternative rule that doesn’t provide a Magician with automatic spell...

New Characters Deep in a MegaDungeon


Did your character just die deep in the megadungeon? No problem! Roll on the following table to determine how the party finds your next character. In all cases, the next sentence is, “And, I’ve no idea where I am and how I got here.” Roll 3d12 (one for each column) How you got lost… …what you are doing when you are found… …and what condition you are in. 1 I fell down a...

DWM Loadout Sheets: Rules for Encumbrance


These are some rules I used for encumbrance in my Dwimmermount campaign. I’ll probably tweak and simplify for my upcoming Derelict campaign. Loadout Your loadout is your readied arms and armor. Write in armor worn in the armor slot. Light armor (padded/leather) is 1 stone. Medium armor (scale / chain) is 2 stone. Heavy armor (banded, splint, plate) is 3 stone. Are you carrying a shield? Add...

Hopeless Character Boons & Zodiac of Dwimmermount


Allow me to introduce The Zodiac of Dwimmermount that occasionally grants a boon to those less blessed in natural ability who go on to become adventurers. 🙂 Characters with particularly shitty stats only make it to become an adventurer because of some boon they’ve received from this Zodiac. Is it magic that somehow attunes to the less endowed? Is it the gods taking pity on the less...

Dwimmermount Reincarnation Table


This is the table I used for Reincarnation that incorporated some of the Dwimmermount monsters. Roll Incarnation Lawful Neutral Chaotic 1 Dwarf Brownie Ape Kobold 2 Dwarf Gnome Baboon Dworg 3 Elf Pegasus Centaur Eld 4 Elf Unicorn Pixie Throghrin 5 Human Neanderthal Iounian Orc 6 Human Terrim Mongrelman Ranine 7 Human Kythirean Kythirean Derrim 8 Creature Iounian Algoid Thelidu 9 Same race Blink...

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