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Hopeless Character Boons & Zodiac of Dwimmermount


Allow me to introduce The Zodiac of Dwimmermount that occasionally grants a boon to those less blessed in natural ability who go on to become adventurers. 🙂 Characters with particularly shitty stats only make it to become an adventurer because of some boon they’ve received from this Zodiac. Is it magic that somehow attunes to the less endowed? Is it the gods taking pity on the less...

Dwimmermount Reincarnation Table


This is the table I used for Reincarnation that incorporated some of the Dwimmermount monsters. Roll Incarnation Lawful Neutral Chaotic 1 Dwarf Brownie Ape Kobold 2 Dwarf Gnome Baboon Dworg 3 Elf Pegasus Centaur Eld 4 Elf Unicorn Pixie Throghrin 5 Human Neanderthal Iounian Orc 6 Human Terrim Mongrelman Ranine 7 Human Kythirean Kythirean Derrim 8 Creature Iounian Algoid Thelidu 9 Same race Blink...

Gods, Clerics, & Religion


Only men worship deities, which makes clerics a uniquely human vocation. A cleric is a man who has devoted his life to serve one of the deities of the Thulian Great Church and been gifted with miraculous powers in return for his service. All clerics within Dwimmermount are of Lawful alignment, because all of the gods, regardless of their spheres of influence, support and protect the civilization...

Classes of Labyrinth Lord Dwimmermount


I made some big changes to classes. While we used the LL/AEC rules as a base, the following rules were also implemented. These are some changes to classes. Multiclass characters get all the options from all classes. FIGHTER Fighters may add +CON modifier to each HD when they roll for hit points. Fighters may use the parry option (as outlined in the AEC). Fighters may fire missiles into melee...

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