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Gods, Clerics, & Religion


Only men worship deities, which makes clerics a uniquely human vocation. A cleric is a man who has devoted his life to serve one of the deities of the Thulian Great Church and been gifted with miraculous powers in return for his service. All clerics within Dwimmermount are of Lawful alignment, because all of the gods, regardless of their spheres of influence, support and protect the civilization...

Classes of Labyrinth Lord Dwimmermount


I made some big changes to classes. While we used the LL/AEC rules as a base, the following rules were also implemented. These are some changes to classes. Multiclass characters get all the options from all classes. FIGHTER Fighters may add +CON modifier to each HD when they roll for hit points. Fighters may use the parry option (as outlined in the AEC). Fighters may fire missiles into melee...

Shield Walls!


As I noted in the previous post, I’m going to publish all the house rules I used for my recently ended Dwimmermount campaign here on the blog. In the future, I hope to post here as I develop them. Here are the rules I used for shield walls! The northern barbarians of Thule who eventually overthrew the empire of the Red Elves of Areon and sent them back to their homeworld did so in large...

House Rules Dwimmermount Campaign


I ran Dwimmermount for more than a year. We ended around the turn of the year. These are some of the House Rules I used. These are just some basic house rules. I’ll post some of my more advanced house rules in separate posts. Generating Ability Scores Ability Scores are determined randomly by rolling and assigning the result in order of the listed ability. Demihumans (dwarves and elves)...

Frostbitten & Mutilated Player Map


If you want a blank version of the Frostbitten & Mutilated overland map you can print and hand out to your players to draw / take notes on, I’ve stripped out the text for that. You can download the PDF here. Or, click on the image below.

Start a Nerdy Non-Profit


A few years ago, I helped to co-found a non-profit organization called Nerd Louisville. The local paper here recently published a feature story about the organization. When I shared the story on G+, Jay saw it and thought it was an awesome idea. He asked me for some advice about starting the such an organization. Here’s that advice on starting a nerdy non-profit. DO YOU NEED TO START A NON...

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